Gutti vankaya kura(stuffed brinjal/eggplant)(different but easy recipe)

This is a bit different recipe of gutti vankaya,it is not gravy.This is my MIL 's recipe.Tastes Excellent with rice,especially for someone who do not want too much of spices or masala in their curry,I love this one,its really simple,just  Try!!!!!!!!!!!!


        Brinjal/eggplant/vankaya   10-12 (purple coloured and round ones preferably)
             Oil -3tbsp
             Turmeric-1/2 tsp
For the stuffing:

             Dry roast 2 cups of channa dal,1/2 a cup of urad dal,10 red chillies,1 tsp of  coriander seeds.Roast till  all the dals turn red.Let it cool down and grind it in a mixer into a powder(not to be very amorphous,let be a little bit coarse).Add salt as per taste.

            Wash the brinjals and  dry them a bit with a kitchen towel.Now take each brinjal slit it into  quarters such that they are still attached to their, stem(like a bunch hanging from the stem).taking care that its not cut open,just make sure the slit is good enough for the stuffing powder to get in.
           Now take the grounded powder/masala  with a spoon and carefully put it inside the brinjal.cover it all well inside.Hold it to seal the powder together. Put it aside. Like wise finish with all the brinjal.

           Heat oil in a pan or kadai.Add turmeric to the oil.Now start putting the stuffed brinjals one by one and  cover  the pan with a lid.Keep turning intermittently so that the brinjals are not burnt.(cooks better when done on a medium flame).Avoid high flame.

           Keep turning brinjals slowly so that they are not  torn apart.Lastly simmer for 5 minutes and once the brinjal are cooked  add more of powder(be generous,the more the powder, the better and the best it tastes,).just check the taste if any salt is required in additional.

# It tastes really good.The prepared masala powder can be stored in airtight container for many more uses.

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